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How can I set up my Vagon computer?
How can I set up my Vagon computer?
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Creating a Vagon computer just takes a few minutes. You can configure your computer according to your needs, and choose the preinstalled applications you want inside.

1- Go and create your Account. After the verification process, Login to your account.

2- Name your Vagon computer and click on Create Computer to start your journey!

3- Choose the purpose of use to suit your experience.

4- Wait to be assigned to the best available region for the best experience or choose the location yourself. Remember that Vagon chooses the best possible location for you to have the smoothest experience.

5- Choose your computer disk storage size, and the preinstalled apps you will use inside. Don’t forget that you are not limited with those preinstalled apps, you can download and install any apps you want after creating your Vagon computer. After you choose the preinstalled apps, configuration duration can vary, please check the installation time before proceeding to the next steps.

6- Choose the subscription plan, and the balance amount for your account. You can choose one of the given values or pay custom value. Your Vagon account balance will be the primary source for your performance usages and the subscription renewal payments. If you have any questions, please check the pricing details from the Pricing page.

7- Add your payment method & complete payment to create your Vagon computer.

8- Vagon is Ready to use! Just click run computer, and then connect your Vagon.

You can also download Vagon apps and access your Vagon computer from our native apps for a better streaming experience.

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