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What are the advantages of Vagon vs my computer?
What are the advantages of Vagon vs my computer?
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If you need additional processing power that you can access anytime and anywhere you want, Vagon will provide you the computer that has the power you need!

Use Vagon as an Additional Processing Power

You can use Vagon as additional processing power for your local device. If you want to continue your project locally, just send the heavy-duty tasks to Vagon and don’t block your computer.

Use Vagon while Working Remotely to be Mobile

If you are working remotely, or you like working from anywhere, you can do a heavy task without carrying your heavy workstation with you. Just use your lightweight device or a tablet, and connect to your Vagon computer. It’s all you need.

Use Vagon for More Flexibility

Do you always need high performance, or do you always depend on one hardware to use Vagon? No!

High performance is mainly necessary when you are so close to the end of your project, or when your hardware dependencies consistently change according to the specific needs of your project.

With Vagon, you don’t need to stick with one performance, you can change performance anytime while keeping your data the same. Just work on low-tier performance, and step up to high performance only when you need it.

Interested? Create your Account and set your Vagon computer to dive into this experience!

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