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How does the Vagon Files work?
How does the Vagon Files work?
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Vagon Files is designed for better and direct transfer flow between your local device and Vagon computer. It is just like Google Drive. You can share, send and manage your files even though your Vagon computer is turned off, and eliminate the upload time.

In your inital setup, your Vagon Files storage limit is 5 GB. It is seperate storage system from computer storage. You can increase your limit from the Files section on Dashboard. Please remember that once you increased the storage limit, you cannot decrease it later.

You can access Vagon Files via Dashboard when your Vagon is turned off. When you turn your Vagon computer on, you can access it via Desktop icon or Dock Menu. It is a different storage system from Vagon computer’s own storage. You can increase or decrease the storage of your Vagon Files. Check it out on your Vagon Computer for further information.

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