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How can I set my Vagon computer's performance?
How can I set my Vagon computer's performance?
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You can change your Vagon computer’s performance anytime. Before you run your Vagon computer, below the Run Computer button you can see the performance section. You can choose any one of these options in accordance with your purpose.

Let’s say you need to do some basic stuff which does not require high computer power - start with the low-tier performance option. Then 2 hours later, if you need to render, don’t wait for that - switch to the highest performance option and render much faster!

Remember that you don’t have to stick with one performance option, you can change it anytime you want while keeping your data the same.

Instructions are given below:

1- Click on Change button from the Dashboard

2- Choose the performance option you want according to your use case and click Save button.

For further information please check our Pricing page.

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