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How do I transfer files between Vagon and my local computer?
How do I transfer files between Vagon and my local computer?
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Transferring Files from Local Device to Vagon

There are two ways to transfer your file from your local files to Vagon.

Transferring Small Files to Vagon

If you want to transfer small files from your local computer to your Vagon, you can drag the file from your local directly to Vagon. It is that simple!

This way is also valid for large files as well, however related to the current way of working, transferring large files with drag and drop takes longer this way. We highly recommend you to use the next method to transfer large files.

Transferring Large Files to Vagon

When you need to transfer large files to Vagon, you can use Vagon Files. Vagon Files is an independent but an integrated cloud storage which you can keep your files there, and sync them to your Vagon computer, even if it’s not running.

You can transfer your files, create folders to keep them organized, and store your files in there. Once you need to transfer them to your Vagon computer, just click the Sync to Vagon button, and all the queued files will be listed in Vagon Files folder when you connect your computer.

For now, Vagon Files directory and your Vagon computer are not fully synced and you need to initiate transfers to keep them synced. But, we are currently working on it, and it will be available soon.

Transferring Files to Local Device from Vagon Computer

There are two ways to transfer your file to local files from your Vagon computer.

Direct Download

If you want the download file from your Vagon to your local computer, please right-click on the file you want to download and use the Download from Vagon button.

You will see a modal for the last approval to initiate the download process, and once you click the Download button, it will start immediately.

Downloading from Vagon Files

You can also download files from Vagon Files directory as well. First, transfer your files to Vagon Files by right clicking and using the Upload to Vagon Files button. Once your file is listed in Vagon Files directory, then right click on it and click to the Download button. The transfer starts immediately.

The files listed in Vagon Files directory do not use space in your Vagon computer disk storage, so you can get more space by keeping your huge files in Vagon Files directory.

When you turn on your Vagon computer, you can also reach Vagon Files from the Dock menu as well.

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