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How can I end my computer subscription?
How can I end my computer subscription?
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According to the plan you choose while you are creating your Vagon computer, your subscription will be renewed in selected time periods. If you don’t want to continue using Vagon anymore, you can turn off your subscription renewal from the Settings menu in your Vagon Dashboard.

1- Click on Settings which is located on the left side of your Dashboard.

2- Click on the End Subscription tab which is indicated below from Settings section.

3- After the confirmation, your subscription will be ended on your renewal date.

When you turn off subscription renewal, it means that you won’t be charged for the next period, and your computer and the files in your Vagon Files directory will be removed with all attached data in it when your subscription ends. Your subscription's ending date is given at Settings panel under the Subscription Renewal part.

If you are facing any issues while using your Vagon computer, or you are not satisfied with the performance of it, just let us know. We will be happy to help you to get the best experience while using Vagon.

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