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How can I change the keyboard settings of my Vagon computer?
How can I change the keyboard settings of my Vagon computer?
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As Default, a vagon computer comes with the English language and keyboard settings.

But you can change the keyboard preferences of your vagon computer anytime you want with following the simple steps below.

1. Run your vagon computer and connect to it.

2. Go to "Edit Language and Keyboard Options" settings. You can reach the setting by searching at the Start menu, or following the "Windows Settings > Time & Language > Language" path from the file directory.

3. Then click to "Add a Language" button and select the language you would like to install to your vagon computer and install it.

4. After the installation of the language completed, you will be able to view the language at the installed languages list.

5. To use your installed keyboard and language settings, please be sure that you have been selected the language from the taskbar.

After you select your language from the taskbar, you can enjoy using your vagon keyboard as your own!

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