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Do you have a Desktop App for Vagon?
Do you have a Desktop App for Vagon?
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Get started with downloading the Vagon App client according to your local device OS.

After downloading and installing the Vagon App on your computer, you will be able to use Vagon computer with Vagon official app.

How to install for macOS

1. After downloading the Vagon.dmg file, open it and start the installation process.

2. Wait until the installation process successfully completed.

3. When the installation finishes, move the Vagon App icon to the Applications folder via drag and drop.

4. When you first launch Vagon App, the system might require one-time verification before launching the app. Click to Open, and go start using Vagon!

How to install for Windows

  1. After downloading the Windows client included compressed (.zip) file, you have to extract it first.

  2. Then, open the Vagon installer, and let it install the Vagon App.

  3. Following the installation process, the Vagon App will appear on your desktop, and you will be able to run it from your own device.

  4. At your first launch, Windows will show a warning window due to Vagon App is still an uncategorized app. Please click the "More Info" and then the "Run Anyway" button.

5. It's done! Now you can use Vagon from your Windows OS device.

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