The performance of the applications also depends on the app you are using and also the elements in your project. Unfortunately, the requirements of each application varies, and also some of them couldn’t use the available performance in an efficient way.

We created a checklist for you to be sure that you activated all preferences to get the best possible performance.

1- Enable GPU usage

Some apps give you the ability to work on GPUs rather than CPUs for better performance. However, you have to activate GPU usage by yourself from the application that you use e.g. AUTOCAD, BLENDER settings menu. Be sure that you activated GPU usage from the application settings menu to get the best performance.

2- Enable Multi Core Usage

Some apps are single core dependent, however some of them can work on multicore but you have to activate them again, please check the multi core usage from the application settings, and enable it if it’s not enabled before.

3- Increase the Memory Usage Limits

To prevent overall performance loss in your computer, some apps limit the memory usages by themselves, however it affects the performance of your app as well. You can increase this limitation up to your performance specs, and get better performance from your app.

4- Check Suggested Tips for the Best Ferformance

Are you still not happy with the performance of your computer, just try the tips and suggestions we published on our blog for the apps like Blender, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Houdini FX. Click on the link given below, it will redirect you to performance sugeestion page.

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