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I can't connect to the new performance options, what can I do?
I can't connect to the new performance options, what can I do?
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If you are trying to connect to Fire series performance options, Spark, Blaze, Fire or Lava, but you are stuck in the Connecting screen for more than one minute, here is the solution for you.

This issue only happens when the GPU driver version of your Vagon computer is old.

Let's follow the steps below:

1- Run your Vagon computer with Planet performance option, and connect to it.

2- Find Microsoft Powershell from the start menu and run it.

3- Copy the following Powershell script to the command line window, and run the script.

This script will download the latest drivers to the Download folder on your Vagon computer.

$NvidiaBucket = "ec2-windows-nvidia-drivers"
$KeyPrefix = "latest"
$LocalPath = "C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Downloads\\NVIDIA"
$Objects = Get-S3Object -BucketName $NvidiaBucket -KeyPrefix $KeyPrefix -Region us-east-1
foreach ($Object in $Objects) {
$LocalFileName = $Object.Key
if ($LocalFileName -ne '' -and $Object.Size -ne 0) {
$LocalFilePath = Join-Path $LocalPath $LocalFileName
Copy-S3Object -BucketName $NvidiaBucket -Key $Object.Key -LocalFile $LocalFilePath -Region us-east-1

4- After the download process is completed, please go to the Downloads > NVIDIA > latest folder and run the 511.65_grid_win10_win11_server2016_server2019_server2022_64bit_aws_swl.exe installation file.

5- After following the installation steps, choose Custom installation, and complete the installation process.

Please be sure that the silent installation mode is not selected at the Custom installation selection screen.

While the installation process is nearly 30% the screen freezes, just refresh the browser page. After this one, the installation will be completed and you will be able to continue using Vagon with the latest drivers.

6- Just turn off your Vagon computer, and run it with the latest performance options you want to use. Now, you can connect to Vagon without any issues.

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