We are excited to announce Vagon Streams!

Vagon Streams, enable you to stream your applications and experiences directly from the browser.

Let's walkthrough over the application together and explore the features of Vagon Streams. ๐Ÿค—

1- Upload Application

You can simply start by drag and drop to upload your application file to your Vagon Streams dashboard.

The upload process will depend on your local connection speed, but we are doing our best to make this process faster for you.

Preparing a Compressed File

While uploading your project to Vagon Streams, you must consider the important points listed below.

  • Compressed file must be in .zip format.

  • Compressed file must include all necessary project components, and the main executable file in .exe format.

  • Main executable file must be inside the compressed file root directory.

2- Choosing Application Executables

After uploading your compressed file, the initial modal window will be appeared on the screen. System will automatically list the executable files inside your compressed file, and you can choose the file you would like to run automatically for your Streams.

Currently, you can only run Windows applications with Vagon Streams. In the upcoming days, we start providing Linux based apps as well.

3- Customize Application

After setting your application, at the next step you can choose a name for your application and add a logo for it.

4- Configure Controls

After setting the initial information, then you have to choose the cursor control preferences for your application.

5- Choose Performance to Run

According to your application requirements, you can choose the best performance for it. If you need more performance, just contact us.

6- Application is Ready! Let's Create Streams

Yeey! Your application is ready to create Streams now.

7- Choose Application

Streams will be the links that you can share with your users and your community. Let's start with choosing the application you want to create a Stream.

8- Select Regions

After choosing to application you would like to create a Stream, you have to choose the regions you would like to serve. For low latency experiences, you have to choose the regions that will be close to your users.

Once your users will connect your Stream, the nearest available region will be assign them automatically, and your app will be served from this region.

Each additional region cost will be $19.99/month, and the related cost will be deducted from your balance at the first day of each month. If you remove an active Stream, the amount for the remaining days of the month will be added back to your balance immediately.

9- Set Capacity Limitation

After that, you need to set a concurrent user count for your stream. Capacity will be set for each region separately, and you can change this limit anytime you want.

10- Stream Link is Ready

That's all! Now, you can share your link with your users directly, embed the generated iframe code to your website or create your own flow with Vagon Streams APIs.

If you need any assistance, or if you have any further questions, just contact us!

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