You generated your first Stream, and share with your users and your community. But, it seems that you need more!

Using Vagon Streams additional configs, you can,

  • Reduce connection times to your application,

  • Manage your Stream fleets in both cost efficient and availability optimized way,

  • Set auto turn off times for your Streams to stay away from unintended costs,

  • And activate/pause your Streams according to your needs.

Many more additional features are on the way, it's just beginning. πŸ™Œ

Fast Connection & Stream Management

Managing Streams is kind of resource management game. You have Streams as resources, and you have to distribute those Streams to your users.

But, don't afraid. Vagon Streams is here to help you to manage your experience with just few clicks.

After creating your Stream, you can click on Configuration button from the Streams page and choose how to manage your Streams. There will be three options:

  1. Cost Optimized

  2. Balanced

  3. Availability Optimized

Cost Optimized

All Streams are created in Cost Optimized way as initial to prevent overcharges. The advantage of Cost Optimized is its' cost efficient way to manage Streams, but connection times can be longer in this way of method.

If you choose Cost Optimized way, it means that your Streams will be initiated once your users click on the link, and it will take around 2-3 minutes to initiate your application from first click.

This time can get longer depending on the complexity of the application you will run.


Balanced is the way between Cost Optimized and Availability optimized stream management.

If you choose Balanced way to manage your Streams, system will always keep one active Stream, and once somebody connects to the active stream, system boot a new stream and continue like this unless the number of active Streams reach your capacity.

Balance Streams, will provide both cost efficient way and fast connection experience for the applications which doesn't have to Stream for too many users at the same time, but must be available when needed.

Availability Optimized

If being accessible for your users is crucial for you and the connection times matter for them Availability Optimized Streams will be good fit for you.

Once you choose Availability Optimized streaming, system will automatically run all capacity immediately, and make your application accessible for your community. The connection to your application will take less than 5 seconds if you choose Availability Optimized.

Auto Stop for Streams

Don't you want to keep your Streams always running? Auto Stop feature is here for you. You can set a duration in minutes to turn off active connections after a predefined idle period.

Pause Streams

You can Pause your Streams anytime you want from the dashboard.

When you pause your Stream, all active sessions will be terminated immediately, and when somebody tries to connect your stream they will get error. You can activate your Stream anytime you want, and continue to stream your application from the same link.

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