You can use your USB external storage inside your Vagon cloud computer with just a few steps. You can learn how to use your USB external storage devices inside your Vagon cloud computer by following the steps below.

Tools to be Used

  • VirtualHere Server

  • VirtualHere Client

  • ZeroTier One

How to use USB devices inside your Vagon cloud computer?

1- Download and run VirtualHere Server on your local device and keep it running. [link]

2- Connect to your Vagon computer, and then run VirtualHere Client after downloading it. [link]

3- Download and run ZeroTier One on your local device and run it. [link]

4- Download and run ZeroTier One on your Vagon computer and run it. [link]

5- Create a ZeroTier One account from the ZeroTier website, and then create a network by using Create A Network button.

6- After creating the network,

  • click on the network you created to view Network details,

  • copy the network ID of your private network,

  • and scroll down to the Members section to view the members inside your private network. Because you recently created it, you don't see any connected devices inside your network.

7- From both inside your Vagon computer and your local device right-click on the ZeroTier from the taskbar and add your copied private Network ID by clicking the Join New Network

8- After both devices have been joined to the same network, you will be able to see them in your ZeroTier dashboard as new members of your private network.

9- After all devices are listed in the Members tab in your ZeroTier dashboard, check the Auth? checkbox and allow both parties to connect with each other.

We suggest you give Name/Description of your devices to ease your integration flow.

11- When you check your Vagon computer, you will be able to view your USB disk storage inside your Vagon. Just right-click on the device, and click Use this device.

11- Your USB device is ready to use!

After activating your USB device from VirtualHere, it will be listed on your PC and you will be able to use it as it's connected to your local device.

VirtualHere free trial only supports one device at the same time, if you need more, you can purchase it from VirtualHere official site.

The integration process requires several 3rd party tools to connect your local USB device with your Vagon computer. We highly recommend you download the latest version of the tools from their official download pages to prevent unintended results.

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