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There is a latency problem. What might be the cause?
There is a latency problem. What might be the cause?
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We developed Vagon to provide the best experience & performance together for everybody, but if you still facing some latency issues there are some main factors that cause latency:

  • Internet Connection

In order for low-speed internet connections to run better on Vagon, you may lower your Stream Preferences from Dock Menu. Suggested minimum internet speed for Vagon is 5Mbps. If you have lower connection speed than that, you may experience noticeable lag while running your Vagon.

In addition to that, using VPN connections might cause some issues due they are adding additional layers to your internet connection, please make sure that no VPN connection is enabled to get the best experience while using Vagon.

Also, if you are using mobile internet connection ( 4G or less ) because of their bandwidth limitations, it might cause latency issues as well.

We highly recommend you to get a stable and reliable internet connection to use Vagon with the best experience.

  • Distance between you and your Vagon computer

Our service locations are in North America, Europe, Mumbai, Sydney and Singapore. While you are creating your computer for the first time, we test your connection speed and assign the best option for you depending on your location. Unfortunately, even if you have a fast internet connection, the location still matters. It is important to stick with the nearest location, otherwise, you may notice considerable lag while using Vagon.

  • Browser plug-ins

Some internet browser plug-ins block your Vagon computer from running smoothly. In order to have a better and stable experience, you may try Vagon Desktop App.

For installation guide please check this Article.

  • Your local computer’s performance

Vagon works for most low-end devices such as Chromebook and Macbook Air 2014. But if you have lower computer performance than these, you may experience noticeable lag on your Vagon computer. Our technical team is continuously working on our infrastructure to enable a better Vagon experience for various low-end devices.

However, you can contact us via the button right bottom corner of your screen whenever you want in the case that you encounter lags and latency problems.

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